Building & Sharing the Enthusiasm

Each Chapter has a mix of activities throughout the year, and it is these activities that keep your members active and engaged with the mission of the 99s. Here is just a sample of the what we do...

  • Air markings - airport compass roses, runway numbers
  • Air racing - Air Race Classic racing, stop volunteers, timing
  • Aviation tours - airports, air traffic control towers
  • Career days - Girl Scouts, local schools
  • Flight breakfasts
  • Medical charity flights - e.g., Angel Flight Network, Lifeline Flights, American Red Cross
  • Mystery flights
  • National Intercollegiate Flying Association (NIFA) competitions - volunteer to help out at these events
  • Newsletters - NCS' Waypoint and Chapter newsletters
  • Pinch Hitter / Flying Companion courses
  • Poker runs
  • Public relations - educate the general public about the 99s and general aviation
  • Safety Seminars

Did we miss something that your Chapter does? Let us know!